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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Book Review: Codermetrics by Jonathan Alexander

With more and more companies trying to go with the offshore model for software development, it becomes extremely important to have a pragmatic way of measuring team and individual coding metrics. A lead always should know who the best developers on the team are not just by intuition but with solid data to back up. This book touches on the point of measuring the coder aka software developer.

The book is an interesting read. The author makes it akin to keeping scores in sports. He explain each metric with formula and examples. He categorizes the metrics into skill, response, and value metrics.

Overall, I think the book is very well-written. However, in practice it might be an extremely manual process to capture this data. Software development is a fast-paced activity leaving very little time to maintain data on each coder manually, especially in a large team. I would stick to the automated way of TeamCity + Sonar way of capturing coder metric data for now.

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