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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Book Review: Effective Time Management by Lothar Seiwert and Holger Woeltje (O'Reilly)

I have read several book on time management in the past decade. In today's world of "do more with less", it becomes extremely critical to prioritize, delegate, and complete your tasks and avoid risking being a holdup to organizational productivity. Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft OneNote are great tools and are ubiquitous in the corporate environment. This book teaches not only how to use Outlook and OneNote to manage time but also how to use them to actually get things done and conduct effective meetings.

Overall the authors do a good job of coaching how to use the 2010 features of both products effectively. Some chapters may seem long and cumbersome. The authors provide useful stories to keep things in perspective. The authors now only focus on the "how" to use specific features but also on the "why" it is important. One can easily relate to the situations mentioned in the book. If people treat time as money, then they would probably spend it wisely and not waste it. That is the crux of this book. I would definitely recommend reading this book even if you have read other books on time management.


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